Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To LA for Underworld : Awakening

Ok will be updating this post on my progress at the moment nothing much to report. On the way to KLIA to fly to Taipie ..

That's Fitrizal. One of the nicest Airport Limo drivers I met and his budget limo is one on the cleanest. If you can ask for him. Glad that this trip is starting right.. ;)

Ok sent my bags in.... See you in LA my bag. Be safe and don't talk to strangers

So here we go.  
Still looking for your questions for Kate Beckinsale and some of the cast of Underworld : Awakening . Just tweet me the questions ok @JJhitz

Ok. Touch down in Taipei and walking around. It's about 9pm and my flight is at 11.55pm. Now what to do.

It's a nice airport. They've got umbrellas on the roof. Maybe it rains upside down. It's pretty though

ok flew of on the 4th of January at about 3.25pm and... spent close to 20 hours on a plane... and landed in LA at 8pm on the 4th of January... Crazy huh..
Got to the Hotel and took a nap.  Nice hotel though..

Then it was the 5th of January.. I had to go walk around. I took the Metro and it was easy..

Then it was lunch with Che'nelle... 

Then after lunch back to the hotel to get ready to go to a secret location to watch the movie before the rest of the world.. :)

The next day 6th of January was D day.. The press junket was really cool as was in the same hotel that I stayed in the Montage Beverly Hills . Yup the whole 90210 and all. 

It was cool because first you needed to register yourself and then the crew of Underworld : Awakening had this thing called the stand up room. It's a room with a green screen so that can add you into the movie just for you own keeping. Check out what I did

Then it was time to go and speak to the stars. I was so nervous speaking to Kate. She is so stunning in real life. I thought I was ready but when I sat infront of her... all my cool left the building.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


So it's a brand new year. Yesterday as I watch the sunset on 2011

it got me thinking about the year. I know we all say the year passed by so fast but when you actually sit down and think about what happened, you'll realize it actually passed by like normal. One regret is that I didn't have my new phone to update this blog to help remind me about what happen..

So here's to keeping my blog up to date and not forgetting 2012

Hoping that the best of 2011 feel like a normal everyday thing in 2012

Have an awesome year my friends and thanks for reading