Sunday, June 6, 2010

Living in a Billboard...

The day started like every other Friday.  Got to work at 5.30 am and did the shift but the clock was ticking. When it came close to the end of the shift it felt like we did something wrong and we're headed for the lock up. When it came closer to 10 time started to move real slow. We got into the hitz cruiser and they drove us to Pavillion.

As soon as we got there we checked out our living space.. It was like a room but not the master bed room. Just one of the other rooms. People started coming in and giving us briefings and stuff about what is gonna happen. So far so good everything looks ok and I'm starting to think I can do this.

We had so many different people come in to see if everything is ok and safe for us. Even some celebs.
Everything was on schedule.  The got us settle in and cleared the room.  They left Ean and I inside to get ready.  As the MC warmed thing up outside.

You see we were suppose to start at 12 but we were in there and ready by 11am for the reveal.  The drew the curtains and filled the room with smoke.  They gave us gas masks so we could just sit and wait.

The crowed gathered...

Everybody was wondering what is gonna happen.  We were just sitting around waiting for the curtains to be open, as the crowd grew.  Then they filled the room with smoke and ....
We were wearing gas mask. Then our 50 hours started.

What we do in there. Sat around, spoke football, played computer games and took pictures of people passing by.  The gave us mics too so we spoke to people passing by.

A big thank you to Mark and the Cruisers aka Marky Mark & Chunky's Bunch

All pictures and video taken on my Canon 550D ..  :)

To everyone who dropped by.. thank you and please email the pictures you have to me 
Pictures by people who showed up..
Taken by...
By Cai Jin

By Tan Chien Hing