Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morning Crew on Ice

When people talk about ice skating, you think speed, grace & other cool things that comes to ice skating. But when you put the Morning Crew on ice skates and in ice hockey Goalie pad, you will see none of the above.

Last Wednessday we did so for the Do the Dew Challenge with Mountain Dew. What was I thinking before I got on the ice? I was thinking "please don't hurt me" and "Please don't fall like a Cempedak Busuk".

It took us a good 20 minutes to get the gear on. Once we had everything on getting to the ice was a chore. Then on the ice was a whole different story. The last time I skated was at least 10 years ago and that was on roller blades. This was my first time on ice.

They offered to help me to the goal but me being Macho I said I could do it. I did manage to get to the goal post, but very slowly. I'd say 0.5km/h.

I stood at one post and Ean stood at the other. The hockey pucks started flying in our direction. I just didn't want to get hurt so that held me back from trying anything, but as soon as the first puck hit, I knew I was safe, so time to be brave :)

I use to play field hockey. Doing this brought back memories. But after a while the players stop and I thought we were done. I was tired already but then I hear the announcement. "Alright they are done with he warm up".

I was like what!! This outfit ways a ton and I can't skate. Ean and I crashed and sat on the ice while they set up.

From Ice Hockey

I decided to go first. I actually surprised myself as I manage to stop a few pucks, and I actually looked good stoping a few of them. I had fun and manage to catch a few pucks with my hand. But after about 3 minutes I was getting tired. Concentration fading... must ... push.. through the pain... And next thing you know, I'm done.

I stand on the side and watch Ean have a go, while I catch my breath. All in all I would say it was a fun experience but a tiring one. If you think it's easy you should try it and you'll see.

Go Malaysian Ice Hockey Team !!!! & Thanks

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ooppssss My Bad

I promised to write more often but I've gone back in my word. I just got an app for my iPhone that allows me to blog anywhere, so I guess I have no excuess now

Ean and I will put on an Ice Hockey Goalies outfit today and try an block goals againts the Malaysian Ice Hockey team.

Wanna hear a joke? I can't skate well and now I've got to put on some padding and try and block a hockey puck that can fly at 100mph from entering a goal. What was I thinking about when I said yes to this. Oh well wish me luck.

Will post the pictures soon.