Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm blogging again

For those of you who haven't notice my absents, too bad :P The truth is I haven't been blogging because of my phone.

I was using an iPhone 3Gs and it served me well. I didn't want to get the iPhone 4 cause I just didn't want to. So here's what happen. My smart became a semi smart phone. It kept crashing on me and some apps just didn't want to work so I just stop using for anything but calling and SMSing, with a little twitter and Facebook once in a while. That why no updates from where I was, but all that is about to change!!!!

Say hello to my new little friend!!

I don't have a name for my iPhone 4s yet but it's awesome!! Been saving since the iPhone 4 came out so it was easy on my pockets to get :)

So watch out for more blogs from me behind the scenes

I'm back!!