Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm blogging again

For those of you who haven't notice my absents, too bad :P The truth is I haven't been blogging because of my phone.

I was using an iPhone 3Gs and it served me well. I didn't want to get the iPhone 4 cause I just didn't want to. So here's what happen. My smart became a semi smart phone. It kept crashing on me and some apps just didn't want to work so I just stop using for anything but calling and SMSing, with a little twitter and Facebook once in a while. That why no updates from where I was, but all that is about to change!!!!

Say hello to my new little friend!!

I don't have a name for my iPhone 4s yet but it's awesome!! Been saving since the iPhone 4 came out so it was easy on my pockets to get :)

So watch out for more blogs from me behind the scenes

I'm back!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MTV Worldstage

Ok here we go. Just reached here and waiting around.

There wasn't much of a jam so it was ok. At the moment you can hear the people checking the mic

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIGI Wow Awards

Today is gonna be an interesting day. It's gonna be a first for me, I'm presenting an award

I guess there's a first time for everything. Even though I'm nominated for an award I doubt I'll will but it feels nice to be nominated.

Where is it happening well at the KLPAC. It's along Jalan Ipoh. It suppose to start at 7pm and they told us to be there at 6.30pm. Well I hate people being late so I tried to be early. Not knowing how the traffic situation was I decided to leave my house in Subang at 5pm. I don't know what it is but the traffic was clear so here I am sitting at Oldtown White Coffee waiting for the right time to show up :)

Time to chill with my white coffee...

Ok 15 minutes gone and white coffee finish... Time to move


and registered. So weird to be under the VVIP list LOL

Then..... My phone dies. Of all things!! Sorry but didn't get to do much after that. Will look for pictures from others and I'll put it up

My first award show. So glad I got to say... And the nominees are...
And the winner is....

Hopefully I get invited to do this again :)
Note to self, charge phone before any event :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been missing

Hey peepz I'm so sorry I've been missing from blog land. Just been well busy. Beside I always thought each entry has to be awesome filled with pictures and sound bites but I just don't have the time for that. So I hope you don't mind the easy version.

Alright what have I been up to from my last post... Well loads. One of the reason I stop writing. Wanted everything to be in order so I kept putting writing on the blog off. So I've decided to write about whats going on now and when I can, I will fill in the gaps later when I can.

What's up now, well I met WWE superstar John Morisson & WWE Diva Melina.

We went to meet them and you know when you watch wrestling, they are rough and though, some are cocky and some are just rude so I didn't know what expect. They walk into the room and that stereotype disappeared. They are one of the nicest people I've met.

Ean was the one talking the most on this as I'm not much of a wrestling fan. Ean has been a fan for the longest time so he knew the jargon. They were so cool and answered everything we asked and by the end of the interview I dare say I know a lot more about wrestling then I did at the start.

The crazy thing about after the interview, they were suppose to head to some other place for a press conference, but the MPV they came in couldn't start because of some battery problem. So they ended up in the back seat of Adam C's car and he dropped them off. Not often you get to say I had WWE superstars in the backseat of my car but Adam C can now.

I wouldn't call this an interview as it felt like a chill out season with friend chatting about our day over a Teh Tarik. John Morisson and Melina are cool down to earth awesome people in my books. Hopefully they will be back again to chill out again.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Me playing catch up.. yet again...

Ok I keep putting of writing so I'm behind now so here's me trying to catch up.. let me see what did I miss.... Ahh ok..

Lets start with a legend I met. Zola!!! Use to play for Chelsea. Yes I am a Man United fan but I'm also a football fan and he is a great player. I remember his last goal..
Yes he was amazing... Nice person too
If your miss out on the interview...

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

Then there was a formal idol of many who came into the studio..
Mel B one of the spice Girls..

She came in as an ambassador for fitness week.  Another nice person..
 Hmmm then what...
Let me think.. oh yes I shot a few advertisements for TV. Now I never thought I would be asked for a be on an add but I just finished 3. Check out this entry to see it Advertisments I'm on...
We found a winner for Rock The Beat. She won RM 10200
Ok I think that's it.. if I think of anything else I will add it in.. :)
Tell me if I missed anything...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm on an Ad...

I know I promise to keep you updated and to catch up on things that I missed out but I will do that later. At the moment I'm waiting for a crew to shoot a promo that will come out on Star World for the American Idol thing, so I thought I will write this entry.

This will be a work in progress thing and will update this entry with the rest of the photo's and all but recently, Ean and I went to a Studio in Kota Damansara to shoot the TV commercial. It was long but I like what came out of it. I will show you the pictures of behind the scene and all but if you want to see the ad.. check this out.

So what do you think??

Funny enough, I'm also on a Digi ad which I myself haven't seen yet and also watch Star World for another one on American Idol soon..

But this is not my first ads...
I've been on advertisments before... don't laugh OK
That is how I know Amber and Sharifah Amani. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Once again I'm playing catch up.. First.. "The Wanted"

I really suck at this blogging thing. I really wish I have the time to write when ever I want but the truth is I don't. Even though I have an app on my iPhone for it I still can't seem to do it right. I guess I just want it to be perfect.
Lets see where did I stop.. ahhh yes... the interview with "The Wanted"
That was fun. The cool thing is we actually played laser tag with the guys the day before.. and yes they totally kicked our.. %$#!!!

Pictures of "The Wanted" in the Studio's

Nice bunch of guys.. enjoyed interviewing them. 

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

The funny about it is when we were done we spoke to the manager to organize a Gotcha call and he was cool with it. We called them a little later once they left the studio and I acted like one of the fan's father. I said that there's a picture of Nathan hugging my daughter and in out culture that means he is interested in marrying her. Check out how Nathan answers..

Nathan was a good sport about it later and can you imagine this Gotcha call went around the world as the wanted fans tried to make it a trending topic  on twitter with the hash #marrymydaughthernathan. Hopefully the come back soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Angry Birds made me Top Tweet. :)

I know this is late but I wanted to tell you about it if you don't know. It all started with my reply to Marian Counter from E News Asia..

If you don't know, "Angry Birds" is a game you can find on most touch screen smartphones. Then I thought, that's a cool line so lets tweet about it and I did...

I got a few good replies from that as people started writing what "Angry Birds taught them".. then I started receiving messages from people from all around the world and I was wondering what was going on, until I got this message

And still I was like, I don't understand. I continues with the "Angry Bird" Tweets cause it was fun and a friend of mine tweeted this...

So people around the world got to join in the fun. Not only till later did I find out that I made Top Tweet. 

Honestly till this day I don't know if it's a big thing or not but I made top tweet ... cool. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

American Idol Season 10

I know I promised to blog once a week but sorry... I missed last week. Hope that's ok. Now lets get right into it.

American Idol Season 10. I'm a big fan of American Idol. Been watching it from the start and lets be honest, last season when they said Simon was leaving I made up my mind like so many other, that's the end of American Idol.

They replaced Simon with Steven Tyler and Kara with J Lo. I know, I know you're asking what about Ellen..... I bet even Ellen wants to forget she was a judge on American Idol, at least that's what I think.

Ok I've been watching it so far, and in true idol style, you get the unexpected. It's actually good and I like it.  Why do I like it for a few reasons:-
  1. The judges.... the focus is no longer on the judges fighting about who is right or wrong but on the contestants singing. Steven Tyler has his moments with his wise cracks at the bad singers plus the dude can sing and I will take J Lo over Kara or Paula any day. She is actually good.
  2. The main reason I watch the show, the contestants and so far the sound AMAZING!! Don't have a fav yet. Lets wait for Hollywood week
So I guess I'll be watching another season of American Idol and lets hope it's better then the last one because for me last season was really bad. Fingers crossed this year will be great..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First week back..

I've been away for 2 weeks. Finishing up my leave and this was the first week back.

As usual the Monday was good full of energy and we had fun..

Tuesday then it started getting hard as the body is wondering why am I waking up early again...

And then comes Wednessday when it hits you.. You body starts fighting back not wanting to wake up so it doesn't allow you to sleep early on Tuesday and you are in Zombie land on Wednessday..

Then comes Thursday when the body realize the it can't win and need the rest so sleep goes back to normal...

And Friday.. back to normal..

It's been interesting as I meet a few cool people .
First it was Secondhand Seronade

and we got to speak to the boys..

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

Then it was Speech and Montsho Eshe from Arrested Development

I know a few of you are going... who....
Well they are a group from the 90's
They sang songs like
Mr. Wendal

People Everyday


Then on Friday I got to meet a K-Pop star...
it's G.Na you'll

She was very sweet and we enjoyed the interview very much. The truth is I never listened to any K-Pop music until this week and I do enjoy it. I actually like G.Na's song...

Here are the snippets of the interview with G.Na...
 If you like it you can Download the interview here

 and that was my first week back to work this year...
Good start to the year...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year....

Lets start with a...

Happy New Year!!!

Ok lets be honest I suck at this blogging thing.  I just seem to keep things updated.  That would be my new year resolution I guess. To try and keep this updated. One post a week at least... but be warned.. because it's gonna be 1 post a week.. it might get weird ... :)

I'm still free for questions though.. If you have one, email me and I will answer it.. :)

I created a calender of confirmed places I'm gonna be this year...
I will update it so if you want to meet up check it.. maybe I will be in your area.. :)