Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wish I were running

I wish I were running but I couldn't. 2 reason. 1: I haven't been running and 2: I was the emcee. Funny enough I should be use to getting up early but not on a Sunday!! But I had too, I was the emcee for the Nike City 10KM. Ten! Ten! Ten! Yup that makes for a good dramatic sound effect plus it was the date too

Ok I got there early got briefed and got ready. At about 6.45 I grab the mic and told people to make their way to the starting line. The runners were divided into 2...
The 5KM group

And the 10KM Group

Everyone was ready to go. It was a very cool sight as the official race tee was also they runners number so they had to wear it.

By 7.15 the runners were ready to go. After making them do a wave, the music starts and it's time to go!!!!

And they're off!! Funny enough it took about a good 7 minutes for all the runners to clear the start. You think I can relax but no, I make my way to the finish line and in a few minutes the winner of the 5KM crosses the finish line. Crazy huh but it's true

Then off to the stage area for some games and prizes. Then the first band takes the stage...
Put your hands together for Bunkface !!!

Then more games and prizes then...
Make some noise forrrrr...
One Buck Short!!

More prizes to give out that leads tooooo

You guessed it, more fun & games and prizes and the crowd starts to make noise forrr...
Pop Shuvit!!!

Last set of games and prizes that leads to the guy who just came from the airport from Maldives. Make noise for..
Joe Flizzow!!

Then the winners where given their prizes and trophies and everyone went home. It was fun. Next year I'm running

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting updated...

I've been bad.. I'm so sorry. I promised to keep this updated but.... as you can see I have failed to do so. So let me get you up to speed on what I've done so far and we will pick it up from there....

Didn't do much actually but got to speak to a few interesting people..
First it was Mr. Ian Wright..

We had a great time interviewing him... He is as crazy as you see on TV

Then.. it was Jason Derulo!!  Can't say his name without singing it..

Another nice interview.  Some one told us that he was a serious person but we found out he is a very nice guy.  We also were also the MC for his showcase that night...

Then it was the awesome Katy Perry...

We really had fun.... She is a very cool girl and love to interview her again... She was even cool with out parody.. boys...
 If you like it you can Download the song here

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Living in a Billboard...

The day started like every other Friday.  Got to work at 5.30 am and did the shift but the clock was ticking. When it came close to the end of the shift it felt like we did something wrong and we're headed for the lock up. When it came closer to 10 time started to move real slow. We got into the hitz cruiser and they drove us to Pavillion.

As soon as we got there we checked out our living space.. It was like a room but not the master bed room. Just one of the other rooms. People started coming in and giving us briefings and stuff about what is gonna happen. So far so good everything looks ok and I'm starting to think I can do this.

We had so many different people come in to see if everything is ok and safe for us. Even some celebs.
Everything was on schedule.  The got us settle in and cleared the room.  They left Ean and I inside to get ready.  As the MC warmed thing up outside.

You see we were suppose to start at 12 but we were in there and ready by 11am for the reveal.  The drew the curtains and filled the room with smoke.  They gave us gas masks so we could just sit and wait.

The crowed gathered...

Everybody was wondering what is gonna happen.  We were just sitting around waiting for the curtains to be open, as the crowd grew.  Then they filled the room with smoke and ....
We were wearing gas mask. Then our 50 hours started.

What we do in there. Sat around, spoke football, played computer games and took pictures of people passing by.  The gave us mics too so we spoke to people passing by.

A big thank you to Mark and the Cruisers aka Marky Mark & Chunky's Bunch

All pictures and video taken on my Canon 550D ..  :)

To everyone who dropped by.. thank you and please email the pictures you have to me 
Pictures by people who showed up..
Taken by...
By Cai Jin

By Tan Chien Hing

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morning Crew on Ice

When people talk about ice skating, you think speed, grace & other cool things that comes to ice skating. But when you put the Morning Crew on ice skates and in ice hockey Goalie pad, you will see none of the above.

Last Wednessday we did so for the Do the Dew Challenge with Mountain Dew. What was I thinking before I got on the ice? I was thinking "please don't hurt me" and "Please don't fall like a Cempedak Busuk".

It took us a good 20 minutes to get the gear on. Once we had everything on getting to the ice was a chore. Then on the ice was a whole different story. The last time I skated was at least 10 years ago and that was on roller blades. This was my first time on ice.

They offered to help me to the goal but me being Macho I said I could do it. I did manage to get to the goal post, but very slowly. I'd say 0.5km/h.

I stood at one post and Ean stood at the other. The hockey pucks started flying in our direction. I just didn't want to get hurt so that held me back from trying anything, but as soon as the first puck hit, I knew I was safe, so time to be brave :)

I use to play field hockey. Doing this brought back memories. But after a while the players stop and I thought we were done. I was tired already but then I hear the announcement. "Alright they are done with he warm up".

I was like what!! This outfit ways a ton and I can't skate. Ean and I crashed and sat on the ice while they set up.

From Ice Hockey

I decided to go first. I actually surprised myself as I manage to stop a few pucks, and I actually looked good stoping a few of them. I had fun and manage to catch a few pucks with my hand. But after about 3 minutes I was getting tired. Concentration fading... must ... push.. through the pain... And next thing you know, I'm done.

I stand on the side and watch Ean have a go, while I catch my breath. All in all I would say it was a fun experience but a tiring one. If you think it's easy you should try it and you'll see.

Go Malaysian Ice Hockey Team !!!! & Thanks

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ooppssss My Bad

I promised to write more often but I've gone back in my word. I just got an app for my iPhone that allows me to blog anywhere, so I guess I have no excuess now

Ean and I will put on an Ice Hockey Goalies outfit today and try an block goals againts the Malaysian Ice Hockey team.

Wanna hear a joke? I can't skate well and now I've got to put on some padding and try and block a hockey puck that can fly at 100mph from entering a goal. What was I thinking about when I said yes to this. Oh well wish me luck.

Will post the pictures soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a crazy week and a bit.

Sorry it's just been very busy for me so I haven't been writing on the blog but I'm here, and let me tell you what a crazy week and a bit I've had.  It started on 26th of March.  I was on as usual then I get a call. An emergency!! The MC that was suppose to do the launch of E! News Asia could not make it and they ask me to do it.

10 am after my shift, ask the boss and he said it was ok, I had to rush back home, grab my suit and head for the launch. I literally put on the suit, got a short briefing and did the press conference.  They announced the brand new host of E! News Asia.

Congratulations Marion and Dom.

It was crazy because after the press conference, we had to wait for the launch party that starts at 4pm. 

Now people who are very important behind the scenes are the make up artist and the people to do the hair, because it's not easy to do it yourself and get it right.
Funny enough during the break between the press conference and launch party I get a call from Sheila Majid's team asking me to MC the launch of Sheila Majid's 25 Year Celebration at Pavilion on Wednesday, and I instantly said yes.  I'm a huge fan!!! 

Then comes 4pm, the launch party.  I had to be the Ryan Seacrest for Marion & Dom because the host were still a mystery to all guest arriving.  I was on the red carpet interviewing all guest coming in, and I had to ask the all important question "So who are you wearing... "
Then come 5 something the Brand New Host were introduced again.  Yes I look tired cause I was awake from 4.45am but I had fun.... but that was a start to a crazy week and a bit...

Then comes Saturday and earth hour.  A simple little thing like turning out for an hour can help the earth.  I turn off my lights and look out and see not everyone in my neighbour hood is doing it.  That just sucks...

Then comes Monday, a brand new week.  I find out my friend is in the hospital, cause he isn't feeling well.

Then comes Tuesday.  I find out that my friend has been moved into ICU.  Told everyone to pray for him cause he was getting worse.

Wednesday was crazy. There are a few celebs in this world that can leave me speechless when I meet them because I'm a huge fan.  Bono from U2, Will Smith, Zainal and Sheila Majid, so I was just so excited and surprised that I was the MC with Ean.  It was such an honour.  I got there early for my briefing and all so I decided to take a few pictures with my Canon 550D (it's amazing cause it takes HD videos too)


Then... comes Thursday ...
I find out my friend in the hospital is getting worse, but still have to go on with work.  After the morning show headed off to practice. Dance practice for the Sepang 2010

Please stop laughing.  Moots and I had to learn that dance in 1 hour...
Come friday I wake up to sad news.  I get an SMS that my friend who was fighting for his life passed away at 12.30am.  I couldn't go to his funeral cause I was on air.  It's crazy that I never actually took a photo with him.  I see him almost everyday at work but never thought... 

One thing I learnt from Abang Din Beramboi is, life is to short to make enemies.  Make as many friends as you can and live life to the fullest.  We will miss you my friend...
Then comes Sunday and Sepang for the Formula 1. Remember the dance we had to learn on Thursday, well that's all the practice Moots and I got and it's Showtime before the race in front of everyone, but before that we had to host the Meet and Greet with the formula 1 drives..

What we did, we introduced the drivers as they came up in groups.. There were loads of people there with huge cameras...

We got be close to 4 world Champions..

Cool huh...

But Moots who was with me was on a Mission!!!

Then it was time to Dance...

Monday, March 29, 2010

What have you done for her lately??

Someone just asked me to write about other things too on this blog so I decided to write about this...

Earth Hour just past. If you don't know what it is, I don't know where you have been.  What I did was chill out at home and had a romantic dinner. 
What was sad was I looked out of my house and almost all of my neighbours weren't joining in.  That sucks. I know a few people think what's the difference and how can that help.  Look it's a small part we can do to help the big picture. One ringgit doesn't sound much to you but if a million people gave a ringgit... think about that.

I'm sorry there's only one place we call home. So we should do all we can to save it and help it. So Reduce, Recycle and Reuse... :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Perks of the Job

First of all I would like to say sorry to everyone who follows my Blog. Been really busy recently so I have neglected to write here.  Promise I will update it more often at least once a week ok.  Just tell me what you want to know about my job and if I can tell you I will...

Let me tell you about the perks.  One of it is that you get to meet and interview celebs and on a rare occasion you get a bonus.

2 years ago, they sent me to interview Duffy in Manchester.

Went there with a winner.  He was lucky to join both me and Rudy.

I've never been to England before that and I believe without my job I don't think I would have. It was a cool experience.  Got to walk around and check out the place. Try the food and check out the place.

Meeting Duffy was really cool.  She was really nice. We got to go for her concert and went back stage after it was done.

But naturally being a Manchester United fan, I took this as bonus. I made a short trip to Old Trafford..  check it out

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aaaaaa.... it's not the end of the world....

Today is the day of the SPM results.  Look it's not the end of the world.
I did this a long ago and I still stand by what I said... :)

Hope that helped.

Friday, March 5, 2010

No I'm not!! :)

I laugh when ever someone come up to me and say you must be the highest paid radio DJ in Malaysia. I just shake my head everytime and say "No I'm not". I explain that English is not the first language so naturally the Malay, Chinese and Tamil DJ will have bigger following and be paid the more.

That normally leads too "Oh that means you're the highest paid English DJ around". Again I have to shake my head and say "No I'm not". I then explain that our company is like Manchester United, we can be number one but that doesn't mean we're the highest paid. I don't even make half the pay of the top DJ in the English stations not under our company.

And naturally this lead to the conclusion that I'm the highest paid English DJ in the company I work for. At this point I normally just laugh and say "Trust me. No I'm not. But I love my job" :)

6 years in the number 1 English station & number 1 English Breakfast show in Malaysia. Thank you for the support :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A few minutes = A few hours

Recently I went for a shoot on Astro Supersports. It's a special edition of 442 for the Carling Cup finals between Manchester United and Aston Villa.  They ask me if I could show up and do the shoot which will take maximum 10 minutes.  I said yes..

Now how does 10 minutes = More than an hour in real life well. It's the waiting that takes time. First I had to find the studio. It's been a while since I've walked at the TV department. This is the cool Artist holding rooms and also the make up room.

They told me to go to studio 3 and wait...

When there is a light on you wait till you are told to come in...
So I waited... how long, well about 15 minutes.

Then someone came and got me. The took me into the control room. Now these are the guys that help paste everything together.  Imagine a painting. The Celebs or the presenters are part of the painting but these guys are the painters who decide where what goes and stuff...

Yes the guys infront of the camera are important but without these guys, it won't work too. Look at the amount of people needed to shoot 1 show..

Back to the story, I was taken to the control room where there is more waiting, another 20 minutes or more I forget.  Then they call us in.  First the Aston Villa fans had their say.  Set up (a few minutes), introduction (a few minutes), then shoot which only took 10 minutes max.
And then it was us the Man United fans. Same deal, set up (a few minutes), introduction (a few minutes), then shoot which only took 10 minutes max. Then comes the publicity shots 

and then it's a wrap..

So that is how only 10 minutes max can mean more then an hour for TV.. :)