Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been missing

Hey peepz I'm so sorry I've been missing from blog land. Just been well busy. Beside I always thought each entry has to be awesome filled with pictures and sound bites but I just don't have the time for that. So I hope you don't mind the easy version.

Alright what have I been up to from my last post... Well loads. One of the reason I stop writing. Wanted everything to be in order so I kept putting writing on the blog off. So I've decided to write about whats going on now and when I can, I will fill in the gaps later when I can.

What's up now, well I met WWE superstar John Morisson & WWE Diva Melina.

We went to meet them and you know when you watch wrestling, they are rough and though, some are cocky and some are just rude so I didn't know what expect. They walk into the room and that stereotype disappeared. They are one of the nicest people I've met.

Ean was the one talking the most on this as I'm not much of a wrestling fan. Ean has been a fan for the longest time so he knew the jargon. They were so cool and answered everything we asked and by the end of the interview I dare say I know a lot more about wrestling then I did at the start.

The crazy thing about after the interview, they were suppose to head to some other place for a press conference, but the MPV they came in couldn't start because of some battery problem. So they ended up in the back seat of Adam C's car and he dropped them off. Not often you get to say I had WWE superstars in the backseat of my car but Adam C can now.

I wouldn't call this an interview as it felt like a chill out season with friend chatting about our day over a Teh Tarik. John Morisson and Melina are cool down to earth awesome people in my books. Hopefully they will be back again to chill out again.