Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wish I were running

I wish I were running but I couldn't. 2 reason. 1: I haven't been running and 2: I was the emcee. Funny enough I should be use to getting up early but not on a Sunday!! But I had too, I was the emcee for the Nike City 10KM. Ten! Ten! Ten! Yup that makes for a good dramatic sound effect plus it was the date too

Ok I got there early got briefed and got ready. At about 6.45 I grab the mic and told people to make their way to the starting line. The runners were divided into 2...
The 5KM group

And the 10KM Group

Everyone was ready to go. It was a very cool sight as the official race tee was also they runners number so they had to wear it.

By 7.15 the runners were ready to go. After making them do a wave, the music starts and it's time to go!!!!

And they're off!! Funny enough it took about a good 7 minutes for all the runners to clear the start. You think I can relax but no, I make my way to the finish line and in a few minutes the winner of the 5KM crosses the finish line. Crazy huh but it's true

Then off to the stage area for some games and prizes. Then the first band takes the stage...
Put your hands together for Bunkface !!!

Then more games and prizes then...
Make some noise forrrrr...
One Buck Short!!

More prizes to give out that leads tooooo

You guessed it, more fun & games and prizes and the crowd starts to make noise forrr...
Pop Shuvit!!!

Last set of games and prizes that leads to the guy who just came from the airport from Maldives. Make noise for..
Joe Flizzow!!

Then the winners where given their prizes and trophies and everyone went home. It was fun. Next year I'm running