Saturday, March 12, 2011

Once again I'm playing catch up.. First.. "The Wanted"

I really suck at this blogging thing. I really wish I have the time to write when ever I want but the truth is I don't. Even though I have an app on my iPhone for it I still can't seem to do it right. I guess I just want it to be perfect.
Lets see where did I stop.. ahhh yes... the interview with "The Wanted"
That was fun. The cool thing is we actually played laser tag with the guys the day before.. and yes they totally kicked our.. %$#!!!

Pictures of "The Wanted" in the Studio's

Nice bunch of guys.. enjoyed interviewing them. 

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

The funny about it is when we were done we spoke to the manager to organize a Gotcha call and he was cool with it. We called them a little later once they left the studio and I acted like one of the fan's father. I said that there's a picture of Nathan hugging my daughter and in out culture that means he is interested in marrying her. Check out how Nathan answers..

Nathan was a good sport about it later and can you imagine this Gotcha call went around the world as the wanted fans tried to make it a trending topic  on twitter with the hash #marrymydaughthernathan. Hopefully the come back soon.


Jue said...

I heard the Gotcha call when I was in lrt, heading to work
was smiling listening to it
and people around me was like "gila ke?" hahaha

JJ said...

Hope you didn't get into trouble for laughing like "gila".
Thank you sooo much for listening. :)

Jue said...

hahaha perhaps one day? nooooo hahaha
hey hitfm always my no.1 choice
you & Ian, what should I say "you are my superstar!" (sounds familiar? hihihi)

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