Sunday, April 10, 2011

Me playing catch up.. yet again...

Ok I keep putting of writing so I'm behind now so here's me trying to catch up.. let me see what did I miss.... Ahh ok..

Lets start with a legend I met. Zola!!! Use to play for Chelsea. Yes I am a Man United fan but I'm also a football fan and he is a great player. I remember his last goal..
Yes he was amazing... Nice person too
If your miss out on the interview...

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

Then there was a formal idol of many who came into the studio..
Mel B one of the spice Girls..

She came in as an ambassador for fitness week.  Another nice person..
 Hmmm then what...
Let me think.. oh yes I shot a few advertisements for TV. Now I never thought I would be asked for a be on an add but I just finished 3. Check out this entry to see it Advertisments I'm on...
We found a winner for Rock The Beat. She won RM 10200
Ok I think that's it.. if I think of anything else I will add it in.. :)
Tell me if I missed anything...


Preeta said...

Hey JJ,
Hope ur doing fine! I actually need a favour from u. Recently, i wrote a request at Hitz to gotcha my boss.
Really really hope that you can make it happen!

JJ said...

Hey preeta.. we get loads of request a day. Not sure if we did it.
So sorry for the late reply

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