Friday, March 5, 2010

No I'm not!! :)

I laugh when ever someone come up to me and say you must be the highest paid radio DJ in Malaysia. I just shake my head everytime and say "No I'm not". I explain that English is not the first language so naturally the Malay, Chinese and Tamil DJ will have bigger following and be paid the more.

That normally leads too "Oh that means you're the highest paid English DJ around". Again I have to shake my head and say "No I'm not". I then explain that our company is like Manchester United, we can be number one but that doesn't mean we're the highest paid. I don't even make half the pay of the top DJ in the English stations not under our company.

And naturally this lead to the conclusion that I'm the highest paid English DJ in the company I work for. At this point I normally just laugh and say "Trust me. No I'm not. But I love my job" :)

6 years in the number 1 English station & number 1 English Breakfast show in Malaysia. Thank you for the support :)


June Malik said...

this means u love your job still just like that ben guy from E .. when u start questioning and comparing the $ you get/make, its time to consider a new journey .. way to go JJ :)

Balqis Riza said...

ure my number one DJ!! XD

JJ said...

Thanks June and Balqis

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