Saturday, January 15, 2011

First week back..

I've been away for 2 weeks. Finishing up my leave and this was the first week back.

As usual the Monday was good full of energy and we had fun..

Tuesday then it started getting hard as the body is wondering why am I waking up early again...

And then comes Wednessday when it hits you.. You body starts fighting back not wanting to wake up so it doesn't allow you to sleep early on Tuesday and you are in Zombie land on Wednessday..

Then comes Thursday when the body realize the it can't win and need the rest so sleep goes back to normal...

And Friday.. back to normal..

It's been interesting as I meet a few cool people .
First it was Secondhand Seronade

and we got to speak to the boys..

 If you like it you can Download the interview here

Then it was Speech and Montsho Eshe from Arrested Development

I know a few of you are going... who....
Well they are a group from the 90's
They sang songs like
Mr. Wendal

People Everyday


Then on Friday I got to meet a K-Pop star...
it's G.Na you'll

She was very sweet and we enjoyed the interview very much. The truth is I never listened to any K-Pop music until this week and I do enjoy it. I actually like G.Na's song...

Here are the snippets of the interview with G.Na...
 If you like it you can Download the interview here

 and that was my first week back to work this year...
Good start to the year...


Rix said...

Hi, I look forward to hearing about/seeing your inteview with G.NA. :) Also, I'd like to ask permission to post your photos on (it's the first international forum for G.NA). You can reach me at I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.

lv said...

hi JJ,

just wanna say thanks for dropping by my blog the other day! :)

after laughing at all the other poor victims of gotcha calls, i just couldnt believe that i was finally one of them. u two got me!!

keep up the good work!!


JJ said...

Rix.. thank you for using on

You are most welcome Iv.. :)

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