Saturday, January 29, 2011

American Idol Season 10

I know I promised to blog once a week but sorry... I missed last week. Hope that's ok. Now lets get right into it.

American Idol Season 10. I'm a big fan of American Idol. Been watching it from the start and lets be honest, last season when they said Simon was leaving I made up my mind like so many other, that's the end of American Idol.

They replaced Simon with Steven Tyler and Kara with J Lo. I know, I know you're asking what about Ellen..... I bet even Ellen wants to forget she was a judge on American Idol, at least that's what I think.

Ok I've been watching it so far, and in true idol style, you get the unexpected. It's actually good and I like it.  Why do I like it for a few reasons:-
  1. The judges.... the focus is no longer on the judges fighting about who is right or wrong but on the contestants singing. Steven Tyler has his moments with his wise cracks at the bad singers plus the dude can sing and I will take J Lo over Kara or Paula any day. She is actually good.
  2. The main reason I watch the show, the contestants and so far the sound AMAZING!! Don't have a fav yet. Lets wait for Hollywood week
So I guess I'll be watching another season of American Idol and lets hope it's better then the last one because for me last season was really bad. Fingers crossed this year will be great..


Fairyfarina said...

i like it too... i hope that Medina guy will stay till the end... his story was so touching. He sings well too!

JJ said...

Unfortunately Farina he is not. I hope Casey wins.

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